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Management Accounting
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Management Accounting

By Ainapure , Ainapure

Publishers : Manan Prakashan

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Book: Management Accounting
Author: Ainapure , Ainapure
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Manan Prakashan
Edition: latest
Language: English

Content 1. Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements 1.1 Study of Balance Sheet and Income Statements / Revenue Statements in Vertical Form suitable for Analysis 1.2 Relationship between Items in Balance Sheet and Revenue Statement 1.3 Tools of Analysis of Financial Statements (i) Trend Analysis (ii) Comparative Statement (iii) Common Size Statement Notes : (i) Problems Based on Trend Analysis (ii) Short Problems on Comparative and Commonsized Statements 2. Ratio Analysis and Interpretation (Based on Vertical Form of Financial Statements) Including Conventional and Functional Classification Restricted to - 2.1 Computation and Analysis of Ratios (A) Balance Sheet Ratios : (i) Current Ratio (ii) Liquid Ratio (iii) Stock Working Capital Ratio (iv) Proprietary Ratio (v) Debt Equity Ratio (vi) Capital Gearing Ratio (B) Revenue Statement Ratios : (i) Gross Profit Ratio (ii) Expenses Ratio (iii) Operating Ratio (iv) Net Profit Ratio (v) Net Operating Profit Ratio (vi) Stock Turnover Ratio (C) Combined Ratios (i) Return on Capital Employed (Including Long Term Borrowings) (ii) Return on Proprietor's Fund (iii) Return on Equity Capital (iv) Earning Per Share (EPS) (v) Price Earning Ratio (P/E Ratio) (vi) Dividend Pay Out Ratio (vii) Debt Service Ratio (viii) Debt Service Coverage Ratio (ix) Debtors Turnover Ratio (x) Creditors Turnover Ratio Different Modes of Expressing Ratios : Rate, Ratio, Percentage, Number, etc. Limitations on the use of the Ratios, Inter-action of Ratios. Projection of the Financial Statements from the given ratios and other Information. 3. Preparation of Statement of Sources and Application of Cash with Reference to Accounting Standard No. 3 (Cash Flow Statement) 4. Working Capital - Concept Estimation / Projection of Requirements in case of Trading and Manufacturing Organization 5. Capital Budgeting 5.1 Introduction : (i) Types of Capital (ii) Sources of Capital 5.2 (i) Evaluation of Capital Expenditure Proposals from given Cash Flow Concept of Present Value (ii) Techniques of Appraisal of Investment Proposal Pay Back Period Method Average Rate of Return Method Net Present Value Method Profitability Index Method 6. Concept of MIS Reports in Computer Environment 6.1 Concept of MIS, Need for MIS, Characteristics of MIS, Role of MIS, Problems in MIS, Knowledge required for studying MIS 6.2 MIS and Business, MIS and Computer

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